Get ahead in your career with Inclusive Professional Certification, the industry standard for diversity and inclusion professionals. For businesses, employing a certified Inclusive practitioner means they have certainty on how their diversity and inclusion partner can benefit their organisation.

We are committed to the creation, evolution and promotion of professional standards for diversity and inclusion. Our certifiedInclusive professional members are in demand around the world as employers and recruiters know that a certified Inclusive professional  has undertaken The Inclusive Foundation Certification program and an independent assessment of their capabilities.

Inclusive Accreditation is only available to Inclusive Foundation professional members. Download the brochure here


Leaders have the responsibility for setting the tone and carrying the mantle of an inclusive culture. If leaders are not demonstrating inclusive behaviours, initiatives to improve inclusiveness in the organisation will be undermined. This program is designed specifically with senior leaders in mind and increases their self awareness, encourages personal growth, develops their capability, while also connecting the importance of their behaviours and buildingan inclusive organisational environment to the bottom line.

Inclusive Experiential Workshop

The Inclusive Experiential Workshop will make a significant impact on your organisation and employees. The workshop includes a variety of interactive practices and activities to ensure participants become challenged, active and personally engaged in creating a world where everyone is included. The workshop is suitable for small and large groups. 


Designed for high school students this workshop is designed to increase awareness of conscious and unconscious divisive actions and behaviours that lead to the exclusion of others.  This interactive and engaging workshop takes participants through a process of awareness, self-reflection, and empathetic personal growth, while also focusing on developing their inclusive behaviours.
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