the Inclusive organisation

Building an inclusive organisation isn't just beneficial; it's a major factor of success in the modern business landscape. Organisations that seek, celebrate, and embrace diversity will have several very real advantages over their competitors. But we must be clear this is not just about building a diverse workforce. In order to benefit from the advantages of diversity and inclusion, your organisation needs to embrace truly inclusive behaviours, and if you are successful in doing so here are just some the benefits...


Each employee brings a set of skills to the organisation. By its very nature, a diverse workforce provides a diverse set of competencies and capability. The broad set of skills and perspectives of a diverse team provides a greater chance at achieving breakthroughs like new products and services, new markets to address, or new approaches to existing markets — just to name a few. 


One of the greatest advantages of a diverse workplace is the host of perspectives it provides. There are often countless ways to solve a problem, but without varied perspectives, most of those solutions aren't always obvious, or even visible. The more diverse perspectives you can focus on overcoming a particular challenge, the more likely you're going to land on a brilliant, creative solution.


This may be one of the most simple, but overlooked benefits of diversity in the workplace. By hiring diverse candidates, an organisation has its pick from a much larger pool of highly talented individuals than an organisation that isn't. That's a huge advantage. 


Hiring for cultural fit is a popular strategy for organisations, but there's a point at which it becomes a barrier to diversity and growth. A truly diverse organisation will develop an inclusive culture that provides a sturdy foundation as the basis for thriving within an ever-evolving business landscape. 


Employees of all groups expect more from organisations - from nondiscriminatory, harassment-free workplaces to flexible schedules and benefits, work-life balance, and child care and family-friendly policies. Organisations that ensure they have the conditions in place that facilitate diversity and cultivate inclusion in all aspects of their operations create engaged and productive employees. The environments where all employees feel included and valued yield greater commitment and motivation, which translates into increased productivity, and fewer resources spent on employee turnover, grievances and complaints.


An organisation with a diverse workforce has a huge advantage when addressing constantly evolving markets. A major element of effectively addressing a market is building a relationship with the people within it. Better meet the needs and wants of your consumers by better understanding them. Adapt your products and services to meet their needs. Do that, and you have expanded your potential customer base exponentially.


Quite simply it's the right thing to do. It’s about creating a world where everyone is included.

the approval process

Becoming Inclusive Foundation Approved can be simplified by breaking the process down into 6 manageable steps. Here is our proven step-by-step process for a successful accreditation. Your Inclusive Manual breaks down each step for you to follow, and we are always here to assist.


The Inclusive Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation and an inclusive employer. All profits are used for social change, sponsorships and scholarships for those experiencing exclusion, and donated to specialised charities.

Inclusive Audit

  • Inclusive Standards
  • Inclusive Manual
  • Internal Audit Checklist
  • Gap Analysis Template
  • Employee Overview PowerPoint
  • Employee Communications
  • Inclusive Foundation Audit
  • Inclusive Audit Findings and Report
  • 3 years accreditation (if successful)
  • Use of the Inclusive Foundation Approved logo

(1-9 employees) $850

Small (10-99 employees) $1600

Medium (100-999 employees) $2800

Large (1000+ employees) from $3800

Inclusive Foundation Annual Membership

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Micro (1-9 employees) $150

Small (10-99 employees) $300

Medium (100-999 employees) $450

Large (1000+ employees) from $600

Inclusive Experiential Workshop

The Inclusive Experiential Workshop will make a significant impact on your organisation and employees. The workshop includes a variety of interactive practices and activities to ensure participants become challenged, active and personally engaged in creating a world where everyone is included. The workshop is suitable for small and large groups. Contact us for a quote.

Inclusive Transformation

If your organisation needs to improve its approach to inclusion, The Inclusive Foundation can assist in transforming the actions, behaviours, and outcomes of your business environment. Contact us for a quote.
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